Mutual investment fund

Mutual investment fund

General information

 Long title:
  Closed-end combined mutual investment fund 
Registration date of the
Fund’s asset management rules:

  April 14, 2016 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 3130

Closed-end combined mutual investment fund “MFUND” (in accordance with the current legislation) is intended for qualified investors.

In accordance with the Instruction of the Central Bank of Russia No. 4129-U on September 5, 2016 "On the composition and structure of the assets of joint-stock investment funds and the assets of mutual investment funds", the Fund is intended only for qualified investors.

In accordance with the Federal Law No. 156-FZ on November 29, 2001 "On investment funds" the dissemination of information on the mutual investment fund, which investment shares are limited in turnover (intended for qualified investors), is not allowed.

The recognition of a person as a qualified investor is carried out by the Company in accordance with the "Regulations for recognition of persons as qualified investors".